Transform your training… by learning from 19 world class fitness industry leaders

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Our industry is changing, so must we! But HOW?

A few people in the fitness industry are ahead of the curve. It is for this reason I wanted to bring an elite group of them together to teach us the how and why. This gives you the chance to be a part of this elite group that are ahead of the curve. This will lead to greater change in your clients and will improve your income at the same time.

Meet the Speakers


’The Future of Fitness is coming. Will You Be Ready?’

Dr John Berardi

Psychology and Mindset

Motivational Interviewing – Helping Clients Make Change…. And Keep Changing

Dr. Krista Scott Dixon

The 10 Minute Mindset: How to Achieve the Fitness and Business Goals You Set

Brian Grasso

Body and Brain to Performance – From Evolution to Movement through to Behaviour 

Dr.Paul Taylor

‘This is exactly what I needed. I feel rejuvenated as a fitness professional. I just upgraded to the Lifetime VIP Pass because I know I want to access this info again! Best event I’ve participated in in a long time’

Kelley, (U.S) 2016


‘This is as good as any face to face convention I have been to, ints incredible!’

Alex R, (UK) 2016

Exercise and Conditioning

The Top 10 Bang for Your Buck Lifts – The How, the Why and When to Use Them

Tommy Matthews

Cardio Makes You Fat…. How to Keep Muscle and Lose Fat

Dr Tony Boutagy 

The Truth About HIIT… Is it Effective for Fat Loss

Glenn Phipps

‘The Summit has been absolutely amazing!! The option of purchasing them all for consumption/review later, is a tremendous value. Thanks for putting this together!!!’

D Hatch, (UK) 2016


‘I am absolutely loving the information from the speakers’

Nicole R, (U.S) 2016

Business and Entrepreneurship

Online Fitness – Your Key to Multiple Figure Income

Ryan Lee

Differentiating Yourself From Your Competition

Justin Tamsett

Setting Yourself Up for Success and Profit.. Now and Into the Future

Nathalie Lacombe


SECURE YOUR Lifetime VIP All Access Pass TODAY!


Get access to all 19 powerful presentations forever. Watch the presentations, listen to the audio files or read the transcripts anytime and anywhere you like.


Hormones and Health

Female Fitness 2.0 – Diving deep into Hormones, Health and Happiness

Nardia Norman

Nutrient Timing is it Critical for Fitness and Fat Loss

Brian St.Pierre 

Nutrient Timing for Optimal Hormonal Responses

Jason Phillips

‘I wanted to thank you personally for all the effort, time and energy you put into the Global Summit! .. filled with super interesting talks (I did not miss one!).
Please continue what you are doing! I am already looking forward to the next events!’

Lara, (Belgium) 2016

‘The summit has been amazing’

Madelain B, (South Africa) 2016

Food Fitness and Fat Loss

The Top 5 Eating Trends – Fact or Fiction?

Dr Chris Mohr

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 12.21.02 pm

The Truth about Super Foods, Super Nutrients and Maximising Super Taste

Jennifer Nickle

The Fat Loss Mindset Makeover

Matt O’Neill

I just want to thank YOU for this Summit.  Wish I could show you the copious amount of notes I took – way more than I have at any conference I’ve attended in a very long time. I also learnt SOOOOO MUCH new stuff from such amazing speakers. I feel very invigorated, excited and energized.  

D Grandel, (Canada) 2016

‘There is a wealth of info here …. which is why I have to get the Lifetime VIP Pass

Mitch C (US) 2016

Special Populations

Exercise and Conditioning for the 50 – 100+’s.. The Most Lucrative Market in History

Dr Dan Ritchie 

5 Steps to Unlocking Unlimited Fat Loss – Insulin Resistance and Metabolic Disorders

Kasey Wilson

Deskbound – Are Your Clients Sedentary Active?

Kelly Starrett 

Meet your Host

Gavin Aquilina

  • Fitness Professionals Global Summit Director

  • International health and fitness presenter (over 40 countries)

  • Life Fitness Academy Global Master Trainer

  • Australian Institute of Fitness guest presenter

  • Life Fitness Australia Education Director

  • Gavinaquilina.com Chief Inspiration Coach

On the Fitness Professionals Global Summit you will learn, the secrets of:

  • ‘Psychology and Mindset’, learn when 60% of clients buy personal training… and it isn’t when they join your facility


  • ‘Food, fitness and fat loss’, is Paleo as good as they say? Learn what the best diet is


  • ‘Hormones and health’, cortisol, stress and fat loss YOU HAVE TO KNOW about this trifecta


  • ‘Exercise and conditioning’,when you should NEVER do HIIT training (and why it can cause more harm than good!)


  • ‘Business and entrepreneurship’, the 4 ESSENTIAL online business models that will add an extra 6 figures to your income FAST!

BONUS Videos From Our Summit Partners

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FPGSummit 2

FPGSummit 2