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Tell just one industry friend about the summit.. and you’ll win a FREE prize!

Refer a Friend Program Reward #1

Refer at least one industry friend to the summit, and win an exclusive group coaching call with Ryan lee Valued at $300


Refer a Friend Reward #2

Sign up just 2 people and go in the draw for 1 of 2 ReebokONE 12 month clothing sponsorships


Refer a Friend Reward #3

The top 3 referrers will get a ReebokONE 12 month clothing sponsorships


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Terms and conditions:

1.     In fairness, we will check colleagues who sign up are truly fitness industry employed.

2.     Your industry colleagues have to sign up via the link in your email or social media posts

3.     We cannot reallocate somebody to you who has already signed up, even if by mistake

What makes this summit different?

No Travel and a Flexible Schedule

You don’t have to travel interstate or international to see this world class line up. You can watch all the presentations from your laptop or portable device at a time each day that suites you.

Earn Industry Recognition for Attending

You can earn a big chunk of your re accreditation points for a fraction of what they normally cost. Our goal is to bring you the best people in the world for FREE. For those who wish for recognition, the option is there.

Real Conversations

The speakers will present their knowledge in an interview format. Gavin brings his 27 years of industry experience to ask the questions you want to hear the answers to. Each presentation is fun, informative and interactive. You will love them.

This is Truly The New Direction of Fitness, INTEGRATION

Our industry is changing and you better be changing with it or get left behind. Every client and their responses are different. An integrative personal trainer adapts to psychological, hormonal or physiological cues.



FPGSummit 2

FPGSummit 2